More About Me

For anyone, the thought of finding or selling their home can seem overwhelming, so you will need someone who can provide you with guidance and honest insights throughout the process. If you choose Silvia Ramirez Walp, you are choosing a realtor who will work diligently to make sure you are getting the home of your dreams or selling your house at a competitive price. Silvia is a retired educator with 26 years of teaching experience, so she brings a sense of direction through every step of the home buying/selling process. As a result, she will come to you with patience and a strategic approach to achieve the purchase or sale that you desire. Silvia's excellent organizational skills, along with her 5 years of accounting experience, make her an ideal agent who can crunch the numbers, as well as analyze and assess the best plan of action.

Silvia came from Cuba when she was only three, but New Jersey has always felt like her true home. Silvia grew up in Elizabeth, NJ and went on to put herself through college and earn a B.S. in Accounting from Rutgers University. She worked as an accountant until she decided to pivot into teaching upon becoming a mother. At the same time, Silvia raised her three boys in Monroe Township, NJ, and through countless basketball, baseball, and football games she has been up and down the state; she can give you real and honest feedback on the town, and community you and your family will move to.

As a teacher, Silvia always felt an immense sense of fulfillment when she set her students up for success. Now retired, she finds that same fulfillment through knowing she is instrumental in helping you find a place to call home.